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Pre-Gaming Thoughts on a Sunday

Getting ready for this afternoon's gaming session, but I need to get upstairs shortly and start lunch, since I'm somewhat cold and want a bowl of soup as a preamble to the sandwich.

In the meantime, some gaming thoughts. I won't be running the Broken Rooms RPG today, as after speaking to Tammy about matters and the way the Friday night group decision went (see this journal entry for a bit on that), I'm going to start the Sunday group on character creation for the Shadows of Esteren roleplaying game next Sunday, so the group will play some board games today.

I have no idea what board games they'll want to play for the four-hour slot of gaming today, but hopefully there will be some time as we play to talk about Shadows of Esteren a little bit, and discuss some elements of character creation. We'll see. However, I don't want to play any Ticket To Ride at all today, as I've done enough of that for a while. Again, we'll see.

Anyway, must dash for food.
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