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Catching Up with Palaeo News X

Once more, a bit of an update on palaeo and dinosaur news.

Okay, folks, where's my dinosaur clone? Maybe not, huh?

Where's my Clone-o-Saurus?

Hallucinegia, the AT-AT of the Cambrian...


The controversial Tarbosaurus is a "Frankenstein" reconstruction, and that complicates the efforts to send the tyrannosaur home.

Technicalities Tangle Tarbosaurus Case

Triceratops wasn't toxic.

Triceratops Wasn't Toxic

On Big Data, dinosaurs, and research gaps...

Big Data - Mind the Gaps

Brian Switek doesn't believe that Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus were scarier than Tyrannosaurus. Plus, we don't even know how big Spinosaurus really was. As yet, we only have a fragmentary view of the dinosaur.

Catching a Dinosaur by the Tail

Tyrannosaurus finally found a solution for the short-arm problem:


From Connecticut to Arizona, Dilophosaurus is the iconic Early Jurassic dinosaur. Why?

Dilophosaurus - An Early Jurassic Icon

It's not all about mammoths, as NPR highlights some under-appreciated Pleistocene mammals:

Ice Age Co-Stars: Horses, Camels And Cheetahs

Not about dinosaurs but... A 425-million-year-old fossil changes the story of horseshoe crab evolution:

Fossil Untangles Horseshoe Crab Mystery

Long live the king! Why Tyrannosaurus Rex is the quintessential dinosaur.

Long Live the King

Heterodontosaurus from the inside out: This omnivorous ornithischian looks like the wild boar of dinosaurs.

Diminutive Dinosaur Bore Beak, Bristles, and Fangs

Sauropods were just downright weird. The ribs on their neck vertebrae were more like flexible ossified tendons.

Histology shows that elongated neck ribs in sauropod dinosaurs are ossified tendons

Some video for you: Paleoanthropologist Will Harcourt-Smith on the trail of archaic apes on Kenya's Rusinga Island:

Thanks to The Week for a piece on freaky dinosaurs. However, Thrinaxodon was *not* a dinosaur. It was one of our proto-mammal cousins, with no close connection to dinosaurs at all. Still, entertaining.

5 of the Most Freakishly Bizarre Dinosaurs Ever Dug Up

In this Openlab interview on Scientific American, Brian Switek and Alex Reshanov talk about tracking down science stories, turbulence, and dinosaur hands...

Brian Switek and Alex Reshanov Talk about Dino Hands, Blogs vs. Books, and Inspiration

The headless Haplocanthosaurus is a Morrison mystery.

Haplocanthosaurus - A Morrison Mystery

The lemur that was a fish - a strange tale of palaeontology politics and piscine prehistory.

The Lemur That Was a Fish

The end- the Cretaceous mass extinction, replayed in dominoes...

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