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Sunday Morning Thoughts

Ah, a lovely, crisp (some would say brisk) Sunday morning in the Ottawa valley.

I woke up this morning, and decided to take a 20-minute walk before breakfast, since I really do need to get as much fresh air as I can, and while it was a bit brisk (around 30C) outside, I put on a warm sweater and did as I had promised I would.

After returning to the house, I went inside and started to make a nice, simple omelette with a bit of ham, spinach, and cheese. While cooking the omelette, I turned on the tv and saw, to my surprise, that the SPACE network was running a marathon of Primeval episodes, seemingly having started with the first episode, and running all the way through (according to spross, whom I called) 'til 7:00 pm tonight. That'll get them through about half of Series 2. Neat development. Makes me wonder if they're doing this as a lead-in to the Primeval: New World series later this month, mayhaps?

After breakfast, I sat down and wrote up the previous journal entry on the Friday night session of character creation for Shadows of Esteren, and I'm just getting ready to hop in the shower before starting the character generation process with the Sunday group (minus Douglas, who won't be out today).

Later, folks. :)
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