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Tuesday Morning, and Sunday Gaming Thoughts

A Tuesday morning. The day after Thanksgiving here in Canada, so back to work today.

Woke up to a very cold, quite chilly, morning, and was glad for the hot cup of (decaf) coffee this morning. Car started fine, though I had my wondering about whether it would, and to be honest, given that it's going up to 150C today, at least it'll be warmer later on during the day. But for now, *cold*. Brrrr

On Sunday, the gaming group met to start the character creation process for the Shadows of Esteren fantasy rpg with horrific and gothic overtones to it. While Tammy and spross came out to work with me on their characters, Douglas wasn't able to make it. I'll only find out the ramifications of that on Sunday, when hopefully all three players are out.

The session with Tammy and spross went pretty well, as it took close to the whole session to go over the world, the cultures and societies, and some of the other stuff, so we barely managed to get into the game mechanics of character generation. Tammy will be playing a demorthèn, as I expected her to, but spross is still waffling a bit about his character, so I have to wait and see this week what he's decided in this regard. Douglas says he's going to play some sort of Temple character (putting himself at odds with Tammy, of course), but we'll see what evolves with that on Sunday.

The players didn't get as far as the Friday night gamers in creating their characters, but I didn't expect them to, so all is good, and I can't say that I was displeased with how things went. Shadows of Esteren is a fascinating game, and to be honest, I'm just looking forward to playing it at the moment. Once character generation is complete, of course. :)

Meanwhile, back to work.
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