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Work, Doctors, and Hospitals, Oh My!

I've been in the office today since 7:00 am, and have been diligently working at trying to get some of the paperwork off my desk. Adding insult to injury, my boss is still mad at me for having to take most of the day off again today to be with my mother at the hospital. Either way, I can't win.

I didn't sleep very well again last night, and that makes at least the last four nights where I've tossed and turned for most of the night, waking up every couple of hours, and then having trouble getting back to sleep. I'm getting maybe four hours of sleep per night, and am also having terrible back and leg pain from the disc problem on top of that. The Robaxacet helps, but it leaves me irritable, dry throated, and well... you get the picture.

Anway, I'll be leaving the office this morning about 10:30 am and will take mom over to the hospital and the Cancer Clinic for more tests and than a meeting with the potential surgeon. I don't know when I'll be home, but don't expect it to be until after 4:00 pm or so.

Oh, and forgot to mention that I called my doctor's office yesterday. He wants to see me again on Monday of next week, but I couldn't get any info about why. So I'm off to the doctor's office again next week. Oh joy, oh bliss.

Will try to keep in touch, but in the meantime, have a good one, folks.
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