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Friday Night Game - Shadows of Esteren Character Creation, Part II

As noted in the previous blog entry, the Friday night gaming group met last night, and I am pleased to announce that they wrapped up character generation for the Shadows of Esteren roleplaying game.

The character generation process took 2 game sessions, roughly four hours each, but that's somewhat misleading. The large part of the first session concerned going through the rulebook material pertaining to the game world in all its fashion (which occupies a good 170 pages of the 290-page Shadows of Esteren rulebook), the basic game mechanics, and then getting into the mechanics of character generation. You can read about that game session in this blog entry. Last night's session wrapped up character generation, and really gave the players a chance to see how everything works together.

So what player characters did they create? Well, let's see...

Mylofa Kranet - Played by Kathy Bauer. A Gwidrite former thief with a dark secret who now works as a tavern wench in the Talkéride village of Tánesh.
Guirec - Played by Nick Roberts. A former soldier from Reizh, who has taken to the life of a blacksmith in a village in Taol-Kaer after mustering out of the army due to injury.
Corentin Syanaf - Played by Tom Robinson. A Talkéride peasant who has always wished for a more interesting life, and who wishes may come true in unexpected ways...
Nolwenn - Played by Joanne Clarke. A Talkéride Ionnthèn who aspires to be Demorthèn, somewhat absent-minded, and with a few problems in her past.
Morvena - Played by Angela Marsh. A Gwidrite Varigal with a strong sense of right and wrong, who has witnessed her share of violence in the past.
Mazeo Balcaren - Played by David Matchuk. A Talkéride merchant with several enemies, now living in the village of Tálesh.

The players had a really good two weeks creating these characters, most of them stating that this was the *best* character creation system that they have worked with, and that it made them think a bit more about their characters' psychology aspects. They liked the basic mechanics for the Sanity system (see something about the basics of that in my post about the creation of Reyaldine), but found it tough for a bit to integrate the sanity elements of the game with their characters. The player characters created have an interesting mix of latent mental disorders that should make the game quite interesting to play in. We'll see what we shall see about this in upcoming game sessions.

What really impressed the players about the character creation system for Shadows of Esteren was two-fold. First, they liked that each Way was useful in some manner or another, and that none of the SoE "Attributes" were useless. That made for a nice change from other systems that they've played, as Kathy noted. Second, they liked that the character creation had an organic feel to it, and that it was smooth in its feel and atmosphere. Even if some decisions were "damn difficult" (as David put it).

In any event, I'm rather looking forward to next week's game session of Shadows of Esteren. Sample combats, game mechanics, and perhaps the start of the intro scenario that I'll be running. Yes! :)
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