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Start of a New Week

Monday morning.

The start of another work week.

The week promises to be a somewhat boring, mundane sort of week, unless something absolutely surprising comes up. ::knock on wood::

I've got a doctor's appointment today. Don't know what for, as his office called last week to schedule this. We'll see what's happening with that.

In the meantime, I've got quite a bit of work to do on the Shadows of Esteren game this week, as both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups will be starting their campaigns on the coming weekend. I need to come up with some stats for a few sample combats that I'll run, a basic idea for a Canvas (a short, but somewhat detailed write-up for a scenario) for the game, and a few other things... and may need to give the characters an extra NPC as well. Not for the Friday group, but for the Sunday group, who only have three players.

However, first things first. A bit of work at the office this morning, and then the doctor's appointment this afternoon.
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