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Catching Up with Palaeo News XI

Got a bit of time this morning, so I figured I'd catch up once more with some dinosaur- and palaeontology-related news from the last couple of weeks...

What is a metoposaur? NMMNHS's "Museum in a Minute" explains in this short video.

What is a Metoposaur?

Who mastered fire, and when? A primer on the long-running anthropological debate...

Who Mastered Fire?a

Over at the EveryONE blog, Andrew Farke talks about something important.

New Paleontology Guidelines Enforce Ethics, Reproducibility

An amazing find... A prehistoric spider and insect prey preserved in amber.

Unique Ancient Spider Attack Preserved in Amber

How did dinosaurs say goodnight? Fossil is a snapshot of Cretaceous slumber.

How Did Dinosaurs Sleep?

If you love fossils and road trips, check out this map of national parks and palaeo stuff.

The Paleontology Portal

One of Brian Switek's favourite discarded dinosaur ideas: T. Rex used short arms as "brakes" to help itself up after naps.

Doing the T. Rex Stretch

The bat-winged dinosaur that never was.

The Bat-Winged Dinosaur That Never Was

Weird Jurassic Park 4 concept art shows that the series has no idea what to do with their dinosaurs...

Jurassic Park 4's Discharged Dinosaur Soldiers

The first in Brian Switek's ABCs of Dinosaurs, highlighting less commonly known dinos.

A is for Agujaceratops

The hyped "Predator X" finally gets a name - Pliosaurus funkei (better known as P-Funk to its friends). Predator X and The Monster hyped as biggest marine predators ever (50 ft+). They shrink in the official description. Palaeontologists reveal the Identity of Predator X

The saddest Dinosaur cartoon. Ever.

Did dinosaurs eat ants? Alvarezsaurs may have.

Did Dinosaurs Eat Ants?

Latest news in Tarbosaurus auction story: Man charged with smuggling and receiving stolen goods.

A Case of the Skeleton Out of the Cupboard
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