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Before Gaming

I woke up from a bit of a nap (must have been the Robaxacet) about twenty-five minutes ago, and have been thinking that I really should get going and get ready for tonight's gaming session.

I feel somewhat refreshed and more awake, and the back pain is dialed down a bit, so this is a good sign. In the meantime, I need to go and start getting my act together to run Shadows of Esteren tonight on the Friday night group, and then I'll make supper around 6:20 pm or so before Kathy and the rest of the players arrive for the game.

Will definitely blog about the game session.

Have a good evening, folks. 'Night, all.


John Kahane

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  • jkahane
    1 Sep 2022, 17:24
    I'm digging the early fall temperatures. I know we've got a heatwave or two to go still but this is a nice start to the month.
  • jkahane
    9 Aug 2022, 11:53
    I just can't go to a big event yet. I'd be so stressed that I wouldn't have fun.

    People are determined to say that Covid is over or that we all just have to live with it and no one understands what…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:10
    hehe It's the second book in the series about Zoey, but to be honest, I found the humour in this second book a bit too much for my taste. That said, absolutely crazy stuff happens in this one (not…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:05
    Well, at GenCon they're checking peoples' vaccination status and actually administering vax doses (I guess Indiana Health or some such?) and people are wearing vax bracelets showing their condition…
  • jkahane
    5 Aug 2022, 22:01
    Of course you do! :) Heck, *I* want one! :)

    I really do want to run Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying. The Friday night group will play the game, but on Sundays, I don't know how to convince…
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