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New Jeannie?

Watched tonight's episode of Dancing with the Stars, and discovered something important...

If anyone in the Hollywood industry decides to do another I Dream of Jeannie movie, the perfect person to play the role of Jeannie is Dancing's Australian professional dancer Kym Johnson. Tonight's episode had Johnson and her partner, Mark Cuban, doing a "geek fantasy" number to the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme...and she was dressed perfectly for the part, and actually looked a lot like the younger Barbara Eden.

Oh, and the episode of Dancing with the Stars was pretty good overall, although Marie Osmond fainted after she and her partner did their routine. Apparently, when she hyperventilates or breathes after strenuous exercise, she can faint. Marie was fine, and returned at the end of the episode, so we'll see whether she sticks around tonight.
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