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Events of Note on Saturday

Saturday was a relatively uneventful day, other than for two incidents.

First off, while talking with Tammy on the phone about the Shadows of Esteren game and about her character, I lost my temper with her, and just acted very rudely. The only excuse I can offer is that I had a very bad 24-48 hours and that I had had little sleep and was quite stressed out. Fortunately, Tammy was forgiving when I spoke to her last night, after having sent her an e-mail apologising for the whole business. Good friend, Tammy, and thanks! (If you're reading this post.)

The second thing of note yesterday was the books stuff that I have mentioned several times in my blog in recent days. spross came over to my place mid-afternoon yesterday, and helped me pack up 34 Terry Pratchett books and assorted others for a total of 4 somewhat heavy boxes of books, and then we carted them over to the Book Bazaar down on Bank Street. I probably shouldn't say "we", since with my back these days, lifting boxes of books is not a good idea; spross first took the boxes upstairs (I live in a split-level condo) and then wheeled them by dolly to the store when we got there. (Really want to thank you, SteveR, if you're reading this blog entry!) I don't know yet what kind of price that the fellow, John Wyatt, who owns the store will give me on them, but I hope it's a decent price for them. In any event, if you're looking for Pratchett hardcovers ( I only kept the first six Discworld books, the kids books from the series, and the non-Discworld books), that'll be a good destination some time soon. :)

The evening was spent watching a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory tv series, and then re-reading the game and combat rules for Shadows of Esteren, as I'm going to be running that this afternoon with the Sunday group.

Speaking of which, time to get ready to hit the shower, and wash off the night's accumulated dirt and sweat. Then I better give some thought to what I intend to do for lunch today. And then I need to get ready to run the game of Shadows of Esteren this afternoon.

Later. :)
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