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Shadows of Esteren Second Kickstarter Begins

Some roleplaying game news, for those who are interested.

As some folks may know :), I'm a huge fan of the Shadows of Esteren roleplaying game, and missed the original Kickstarter for the English Book 1 - Universe by about two hours. Fortunately, I was able to get the majority of the material for the game that came as part of that original Kickstarter at GenCon Indy this past August, so all was right with the world.

So I was damned if I'm going to miss the Kickstarter for the Book 0 - Prologue edition in the English line...

The Shadows of Esteren Kickstarter for Book 0 - Prologue launched this morning at some ungodly hour (due to the time difference with Europe), and I've managed to get my pledge in for the book and some of the other goodies that will be put out with this. As I write this blog entry, almost 100 people have already pledged close to $900, and there's still another 30+ days to go! WOW! For those interested, here's the URL for the Kickstarter:

Shadows of Esteren, Book 0 - Prologue Kickstarter

In addition, those who want to pledge can still get some of the nifty goodies and the original book as well during this Kickstarter. So, this Kickstarter is well worth pledging for, if one wants to get in on the madness that is Shadows of Esteren. Just sayin'.
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