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Post Grocery Shopping

Back from shopping with some veggies (fresh cauliflower and asparagus), and picked up some chicken that I'll grill up for supper this evening with my mom.

Speaking of mom, the surgery is scheduled for December 5th, and we'll see how things go. The specialist and surgeon convinced my sister, who convinced my mom, to have the surgery as soon as possible. So mom came over for lunch today, and we talked a bit about stuff that needs to be taken care of in case the surgery goes wrong or something else happens. My mind sort of rejected all this talk, but I took it in, made some notes for her, and then we had lunch.

spross has just arrived, and he and I are going to go out and take care of some minor grocery shopping, mobile phone stop (see the next blog), and some other errands.

After I get home, I'm hoping for a quiet night in and dinner with mom.
Tags: frank talk, grocery shopping, mobile phone, mom, personal, vegetables

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