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Mobile Phone Thoughts

Back from going out to do some shopping with spross on this cold, blustery day. Brrr!!

Hot cup of tea siting on the desk. :sip:

Supper for mom and me is cooking as I type this, and I'm starting to smell the savoury odour of chicken with garlic, parmesan, and rosemary...

Aside from picking up some groceries and a few luxury items, spross and I went mobile phone shopping. I've already checked out Bell, Telus, Koodo, and five or six others, and have come to the conclusion that Wind Mobile offers the best alternative for what I'm looking for in a mobile phone package.

I just have one question for folks. Is it better to take a cheaper, lower cost plan but have to pay for the mobile phone outright, or take a plan some $15 higher that provides the phone at $0 cost? Both plans over a three-year period.

Thoughts, please. :)

And any other thoughts or matters that you think should concern me about buying a mobile phone?
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