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Game Doubts

This past Sunday, I finally finished running the opening scenario for the Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) rpg that I was running on the Sunday group. The scenario took eight (!!) game sessions to play (despite the fact that it wasn't meant to go that long), and to be honest, the experience gave me doubts about stuff.

I admit that I love the 1930's Pulp era, and the action/adventure feel that goes along with it. I've run a couple of Pulp rpgs before, and have done pretty well with them. The HEX system from Exile Game Studio has one of the best "feels" and set of mechanics for the Pulp genre that I've experienced. But can I run a Pulp rpg?

When I first started running Hollow Earth Expedition at the end of September, 2006, I was looking forward to running the game, and giving my players in both gaming groups a feel for the game and the genre. Like I said, I love the Pulp genre. The Friday night group got into the game, and I have run quite a few scenarios on them, but the Sunday group's experience with the game was...different. The game has never seemed to gell for the Sunday players, for whatever reasons, although perhaps spross and Tammy Powers might be able to offer a bit more insight into the reasons why this happened.

What seems to have happened for me, when it comes right down to it, is a confidence issue in some ways, but... The HEX scenarios that I've run at conventions (the intro scenario out of the rulebook, "The Secret of Lake Qechachua", "The Totem of the Moon", a scenario on a wing and a prayer, and the playtests of the sequel to Qechacua) have all gone well, but they are set up to be played in four hours, and don't require the campaign feel. It seems that I can run HEX scenarios at conventions and demos, but I can't seem to run the game in campaign (at least on Sundays), 'cause I can't seem to run it with adequate amounts of action... This is not good when it comes to a Pulp action rpg, you know?

For the moment, I've decided to back away from HEX for a bit, but I was wondering if any of the gamers out there might have some thoughts on this matter, or some advice to offer? Any thoughts would be appreciated. :)
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