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Primeval: New World Season 1, Episode 2 Rant(s)

I watched the second episode of Primeval: New World last night, called "Sisiutl", and have to say I was less than impressed. So much so that I've decided to say very little about this episode. Under the cut, of course.

What a wasted episode this was, with some terrible execution of plot and story, and a total lack of use for some of the more interesting ideas in the episode.

First off, the new opening intro and credits. It bears a resemblance to that of the original Primeval in some ways, but has an unattractive colour scheme to it with some really unattractive other aspects to it that I won't go into. And to be honest, I'm not sure that being similar to the opening credits of the U.K. show does this justice, because contrary to popular belief, this show is nothing like the original series.

Second, the snake...okay, the Titanoboa. Treated in this episode as an absolutely stupid predator. How this snake managed to feed itself, I don't know. Sure, it ate the two oil workers in the teaser sequence of the episode, but then it doesn't go after the kayaker, it doesn't go after Evan Cross and the Native American who seemingly saves his butt down in the tunnel system, it doesn't go after Dylan wholeheartedly when it has the chance, it doesn't go after... you get the idea. What sort of predator is this? Add to that the fact that the Titanoboa was a tropical predator, and ask: How did it survive in the icy cold water (as evidenced by the warm clothes our cast are wearing) off the coast of Vancouver in this episode, not to mention the cold climate? Sheesh! I could go on and on about the Titanoboa, but I won't. Suffice it to say that I'm just glad that the creature's already been statted out for the Primeval RPG...

Then we have the whole secondary plot with the Native Americans and the oil company. Oh, right, what sub-plot? That whole issue got buried in the story of our heroes running after the Titanoboa, even though they have to chase it into the oil company complex near the end. And there's the fact that the episode didn't even get deeper into Native American mythology and legend, despite calling the episode "Sisiutl".

Then we have Toby Nance and the Cross Photonics version of an Anomaly detector. Toby's been working on their first anomaly detector. Unlike the one at the ARC, it's not something to track down monster sightings and they didn't have the insight of Cutter and Connor with the radio signature and homing in on the frequency distortion. Oh no, she's hacked the mobile phone network and is tracking problems with mobile phones as a means of finding Anomalies. I won't rant any more about this other than to say that I miss Connor's Anomaly Detection Device (ADD) and all the stuff that went along with it. And what made it worse was that Toby seems to have put the new one together in such a short time. And if she puts together a means of locking Anomalies in the next episode, I will be seriously peeved.

The most interesting part of the story was the sub-plot in which first, Ange Finch, Evan's CFO, asks Toby Nance, the geek of the series, if there's a way to make the Anomalies disappear and/or get rid of them, to which the reply is that it should be possible, and then talks to Lt. Ken Leeds and tries to convince him to have the government and/or the military take over the Anomaly investigation from Evan. Has me interested, which is sad considering the actual focus of the episode, n'est pas?

In any event, I could rant on and on and on about this episode, but I'm not. However, suffice it to say that I finished watching the episode and thought: "Bleh!".

And that's all I have to say about this episode.
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