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Bought the Mobile Phone

Just came in from doing a bit of shopping.

It has been a long afternoon. Dropped by mom's place with spross for several reasons, and then headed over to WIND Mobile. As folks remember from this blog entry, I've been shopping around for a good mobile phone and m.p. plan for some time now. I have finally caved in, and made the deal to bring myself into the mobile device generation. I am now the proud owner of a Galaxy Nexus mobile phone. I decided to go with the Nexus because the size suited my eyes better, the spacing of icons and keyboard stuff was easier to use for me on this one, and a couple of other reasons as well. Got a good deal on the phone, as there is currently a new WIND offer ongoing - the Unlimited Wish Plans.

That said, I suspect the learning curve for me to learn to use the phone is going to be an interesting one... especially given that the manual for the Galaxy Nexus is only on-line. Took an hour or so to test a few phones, get some questions about issues answered, get some definitions of terms, and sort everything out. Not to mention the paperwork. (For reasons that still escape me, spross decided to pick up a phone while we were there, too. I'll let him explain why, perhaps here in the Comments or over on his own blog.) From there, spross and I went over to Rideau Bakery and then to Bulk Barn, before he dropped me off back here at the house.

In any event, time to make some supper.
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