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Of Esteren, Health, and Primeval

Yesterday's gaming session with the Sunday afternoon group was quite good, if a bit slow at times. I continue to enjoy the Shadows of Esteren game and actually running the system, and I think the Sunday players are also having a good time with the game. I'll be blogging up some game session notes as soon as they're ready and transcribed.

Naturally, nothing went completely smoothly for the day. I have tweaked my back somehow the last couple of days, and woke this morning in serious pain. I can barely move, but have come in and am working regardless. In the meantime, just trying to deal with the body pain.

In the meantime, I'm trying to look forward to watching tonight's third episode of Primeval: New World. I think. As noted in the last blog post about that, I was not impressed with the second episode.
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