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Health, Work, and Primeval

Woke up this morning in serious back pain.

I knew this was coming, given how much stuff I had to do yesterday, and so I thought I was prepared. I wasn't. The back pain is quite severe, and is radiating down my left leg as well, making it very difficult to walk properly let alone bend down and stuff.

I considered calling the office this morning and telling my boss that I would be working from home today, but I don't dare, given that there are office cuts coming up and the fact that I'm in the middle of a big project that is going to take some time to complete. So, here I am in the office working this morning, taking pain killers and muscle relaxants, and just trying to get through the work day without screaming myself silly.

As a side note, I watched the third, and latest, episode of Primeval: New World last night, and will offer my thoughts on that later today.
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