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Grocery Shopping Pains

Home from taking care of the grocery shopping.

Picked up some chicken breasts, a large bag of salad fixings, some new salad dressing that I've been meaning to try, and some fresh tomatoes, celery, and cucumber, and did some grocery shopping for my mother as well. Dropped off mom's food at her place, and then have come home.

For the last half-hour I've been sitting down with an ice pack on my left lower back, and have taken the two Tylenol (can't take any more Robaxacet for six hours after the last dose, which was just before I went out to shop). The pain is quite bad right now. We'll see how things shape up before spross gets here and we go out for some other stuff.

In the meantime, a bit of lunch, and then I'll post up the game session notes from Friday night's lovely session.
Tags: back pain, blog, bulging disc, grocery shopping, health hut, mom, personal, rpg, shadows of esteren

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