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Want More Sleep Monday

The afternoon session of Shadows of Esteren went quite well, but I'm very tired now.

The players wrapped up the first adventure for the game, and while I can't say that it was sterling in any sense of the word, I think they did a good job of playing the game to this point, even with some of the real problems that running the game has presented in certain ways. The final combat sequence was quite lethal, and spross's character nearly died, but survived the day by a hair's length. A full blog journal about the game session will go up as soon as I get the chance to write up the game notes and all.

Despite feeling tired after running the game, I went to supper with my mother over at Kelsey's. I had a bowl of onion soup, a side salad, and a Korean chicken stir fry for the meal. It was tasty enough, but I spent a good hour on the loo around 3:30 am this morning with bad diarrhea from the food, I suspect. Too rich for me, or just something in it that didn't agree with me.

Suffice it to say, woke up this Monday a.m., and felt like crap. I haven't gotten enough sleep for sure, and to be honest, my head's a bit of a muddled maze as I sit here in the office and work through the morning. All I want to do is go home to bed, and get some more sleep.
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