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Catching Up with Palaeo News XIV

Once more, playing a bit of catch-up with news on palaeontology and dinosaurs.

Misreading ancient art... If you write that a Venus figurine is "palaeo porn", you're doing it wrong.

"Palaeo-porn': We've got it all wrong

Dinosaur bones are rare in Maryland, but Ray Stanford has a knack for finding dinosaur tracks there.

Charlie Petit over at MIT has an interesting take on the Xenoceratops mentioned in a previous Catching Up blog of mine. Check it out.

What? Reporters Amazed by Big Frilly

Palaeontologists scan for secrets held in vestiges of dinosaur skin.

Peering Inside Dinosaur Skin

Not really dinosaur related, but interesting nonetheless. While coyotes get comfortable in Canadian and U.S. cities, Berlin has bountiful boar.

In Berlin, A Boar of a Story

Walking with Diatryma (?) - Giant Eocene bird tracks found in northwest Washington:

Giant Eocene Bird Footprints from Northwest Washington

Here's a write-up that is a fitting obituary for a great palaeontologist, Farish Jenkins.

Farish Jenkins Obituary

Brian Switek explains that the Eocene's big bird, Diatryma, wasn't so scary after all.

Eocene Big Bird Not So Scary After All

As Brian Switek points out, naming new dinosaurs is cool, but the most exciting part of palaeontology is finding out how those animals lived.

Lessons From Einiosaurus

For those who want to help out with donations to build the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, you can donat some money at the site below. Only 82 days left as of today.

Let's Build the Currie Dinosaur Museum

Slender thighs give away new, tiny species of Cretaceous dinosaur.

Cretaceous Legs Give Away New Dinosaur

The "Devonian Blues" by artists Ray Troll.

Heinrich Mallison posts an interesting bit on the blog about what gear and equipment palaeontologists need and use for field work.

Digging Wyoming Dinosaur Accessories

The Coastal Palaeontologist (Robert Boessenecker) is back from a research trip with snapshots of fossil and subfossil whales.

Snapshots from USMN Trip

The ABCs of Dinosaurs returns with the letter F, and one of the biggest dinosaurs of all time:

F is for Futalognknsaurus

Marc McMenamin, a palaeontologist behind the Triassic Kraken is back with crazy ideas about trace fossils.

Leonardo Fossil Sketch May Depict Early Nests

Enigmatic bone shafts found in England are from a big Triassic creature, but was it a dinosaur?

Palaeontologists Puzzle Over Possible Dinosaur Bones

All Dinosaurs Go to Heaven.

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