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Cry of the Ape-Man Ringtones (Yikes!)

Reading the morning paper over my coffee break, and came across this story:

Now, I just have to say that I always loved the Tarzan yell that Johnny Weissmüller and Ron Ely made famous in different eras. It made me want to swing through the forest on vines and that sort of thing - not to mention Jane, of course. :) It never even occurred to me that it might be a copyright-able issue, to be honest, simply because I always assumed that the cry of the Ape-Man was something unique to the character of Tarzan, although it had elements of yodel.

Still, after a ten-year legal struggle over the rights, it must be a bitter pill for folks to swallow, knowing that anyone can now have that sound as a ringtone, and that it can be abused by folks for all time to come. (Unless the ERB estate tries to reopen the case for whatever reasons they can come up with.) Even so, Edgar Rice Burroughs must be going ape (no pun intended) in the place where writers of his ilk go after death. And to make it worse, now we're gonna have to put up with Tarzan yells as ringtones from people who probably don't even know what the ape-man cry was all about. *sigh*

What's next? Some hassle over something about John Carter of Mars, or Pellucidar, or...?
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