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Work, Back Pain, Primeval (New World), and Esteren

Just back from work after what seems like a long Friday.

My back is hurting somewhat fierce today, no doubt due to the weather (cold and damp) as well as the bulging disc, so work was a bit of a challenge this day, but I'm just glad that the work week has come to an end. Lot of stress at work this week, due to all manner of things and the time of year, work-related wise.

In the meantime, I'm lying on my tummy on the bed with the laptop typing this, an ice bag on my lower back. Seems to reduce most of the swelling, and also numbs the pain somewhat. So it's working, and I'm surviving with that rather than taking all manner of pills to dull the pain (and the senses).

In the meantime, I'm about to do about an hour's work on the Primeval RPG, as I've started statting up some of the characters and the beasties for the Primeval: New World tv series. It's been easier than I thought, but the motivations on a couple of the characters have escaped me so far. (Not surprising, since the series is only four episodes in.)

In the meantime, I'll be heading out to west end Ottawa this evening, and will be continuing the Friday night game sessions with another installment of the Shadows of Esteren rpg. So, I'm looking forward to the evening. Just got to remember to take my mobile phone with me; keep forgetting to do so, as it hasn't become habit yet. :)

Have a good night, folks. :)
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