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Game, But Torchwood-less

Had an excellent night of Friday rpging, as the players were all in good form during the session of The Dying Earth. To be honest, it has been invigorating to get away from the action/adventure or typically serious rpg and run some Vancian Cugel-inspired goodness, where the players take a more light-hearted approach to gaming and where silliness can ensue and players can be accepting of their fate.

However, my mood was soured this morning when I discovered that CBC here in Ottawa didn't show the Torchwood episode that was supposed to air last night, as the feed appeared to be the hockey game between Edmonton and Nashville on the Fox South Network (FSN) or some such, so I missed the episode. Why is it that these national stations can't get anything right when it comes to stuff like this? :( I have to hope that they will show the episode next week instead, or that the Space channel here will eventually show the series, or that I might decide to be able to rent it on DVD if it becomes available here. Ah, well, at least Men in Trees aired, and I got that taped. :)

Such is life...
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