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Blood Games

Just got into work after having my three-monthly pilgrimage to the labs for bloodwork. Got to the lab around 7:20 am (they open at 7:30 am), and there were only five people ahead of me in the line-up. They took 10 vial tubes of blood, a double urine sample, and an on-the-spot diabetes blood sugar test for comparison (I did one for myself right before they drew blood as well, since gotta do comparison with the home tester, right?). I;m not expecting the blood tests to be all that good, especially the cholesterol, since I've been eating too many bread and fruits, and eggs (even with the Omega-3 stuff going for them). Felt a bit light-headed after the tests, but rested for about five minutes and was out of the labs by 8:00.

spross was supposed to meet me at Denny's around 8:20 am or so. This is my treat to myself after bloodwork every three months, and I get to have a couple of pieces of bacon (not Canadian bacon, but U.S. style bacon!) with breakfast. spross never showed up, and since I was peckish by the time 8:35 rolled around, I ordered food, and after eating, went back to the house to change clothes, wash up a bit, and head for the office. SteveR called to apologise to me for not meeting me at Denny's, and then I took off for work. This is the third time SteveR's missed breakfast for various reasons, so maybe I'll start inviting Donna from work to go to breakfast with me or some such. I don't really like to eat alone when I'm there for the post-blood test meal, so we'll see...

Seeing as how it's Monday morning, there's already a pile of paperwork on my desk. And speaking of Donna, she's just dropped another load of paperwork onto the desk. Time to get into this stuff, before I have to dig my way out this morning! :)
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