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Thursday Morning Thoughts

Thursday morning. Another bright, somewhat cold day, the first really cold day of the winter.

I've got another doctor's appointment for myself this morning, and then I've got to take my mother to the hospital for another pre-surgery set of tests and then a seminar on the surgery that she's going to be having and all. Fun day, NOT.

In the meantime, the boss is not happy with me having to miss three days of work so far this week. Between my own blood tests and doctor appointments and taking mom to her doctors, this week is something of a loss, although I've accomplished a bit in the reading sense and managed to re-read one of Adam Roberts's humourous novels, Doctor Whom.

With the fact that mom's surgery is next week and I have the second CT scan of my own to get to, I have to wonder if I'll have a job of my own at all once next week is done.
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