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No Esteren Tomorrow Night, Primeval RPG Instead

Just heard this evening from a couple of my gamers from the Friday night group.

It seems they're down with some sort of bug, and don't want to spread the germs to Ellie or to me (given mom's having surgery next Wednesday), so I'll be short three of the gaming crew.

I spoke to Kathy and the healthy ones :), and we won't be playing Shadows of Esteren tomorrow night. However, the four gamers (including Ellie) have decided they still want to game, and have agreed to do some playtesting of material for the Primeval RPG. This is good news indeed, and I'm looking forward to the break from Shadows of Esteren for a week.

In the meantime, Doug won't be out for gaming on Sunday, so perhaps I'll talk to Tammy and spross about doing some playtesting of the Primeval RPG stuff as well, though I know Tammy hates playtesting. We'll see.

In the meantime, I've heard from a couple of the Friday night gamers that they are down with some sort of bug, and are not coming out this week as they don't want to spread it around.
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