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A Hellish Day

Home from work.

I don't know how I managed to survive the day in hell, but I did it. My boss blew a gasket at the fact that I'm going to miss at least three days again next week, and Goddess only knows what happens the week after, depending on mom's surgery. Naturally enough, he vented at me and the world in general, and I somehow still managed to get on with the day's work.

On top of everything, mom's car conked out, so I had to go and help her as she didn't have the number for the garage with her, though she does have a CAA thing. So I showed up, called CAA on the mobile, and they got the battery working again.

Am now home again, but I need to take a nap before the players show up for this evening's game. Oh, did I mention we're doing some Primeval RPG tonight? Looking forward to it. :) But nap first.
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