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Start of December

December 1st. The start of a new month.

This is the month of Christmas and Hanukkah, the latter coming first as it begins at sundown on the 8th, but I suspect that it's not going to be a particularly happy month for me.

My mother goes into the hospital for colon cancer surgery on Wednesday, and though I'll be spending part of the time with my sister (who is driving up for a week or so to be here during mom's recovery from the surgery), I think it's going to be a lonely month of hospital visits, parking fees at said hospital, visits to the convalescent home when she goes there, and just trying to handle the every-day tasks and work-related stuff, and hope the weather is relatively cold with little snow. (Fat chance of the latter.)

Guess I don't have any Christmas or Hanukkah spirit this year. *sigh*
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