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Last Night's Primeval RPG Gaming

Had a pretty good evening with the Friday gaming group last night. Well, the four members of the Friday gaming group who came out.

We played some Primeval RPG last night, and it was really good to get back to the dinosaur/prehistoric creature goodness of that game. :)

We started off with a bit of playtesting of some new beasties that I've statted up for the game (including a couple from the new Primeval: New World tv series), and then the players wanted to play a bit of a scenario, so I them into a quick three-hour scenario that had them facing a--  Well, that would be telling. 

In any event, the players had a good time for the most part, and Ellie relished getting a bit more attention paid to her character for the game, so all was successful.   I'll likely blog a post about the game session part of the events, and I hope that folks express some interest in that when it's up.
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