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A Montana Cookhouse Dinner

Just came back from eating dinner out with my sister and mother at Montana's Cookhouse.

I had myself an 8 oz. peppercorn steak and a side salad, with a serving of baked beans and mashed potatoes. Steak was very good, but hot and spicy (hope I don't pay for it later tonight or tomorrow), and the mashed potatoes were to die for.

It was mom's last meal before the surgery on Wednesday, and so she made the most of it with a small garden salad, a glass of red zinfandel, and a pot roast for the main dish.

Then the three of us split an order of their Shake 'n Share Mini-Donuts with a caramel dipping sauce. Lovely. Shouldn't have eaten any, I had two, but what the heck.

Going to rest a bit now with some ice on my lower back, and then it's time for tonight's episode of Primeval: New World. Looking forward to seeing this one.
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