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Catching Up with Palaeo News XV

What with life and all, it's been a while since I've had a chance to catch up with some of the palaeo and dinosaur related news. So, here we go...

While they're not dinosaurs, don't rule out Pterosaurs as kings of the Mesozoic flyers.

Don't Rule Out the Pterosaur as King of the Skies Yet

Your Thanksgiving turkey is definitely a dinosaur. But what kind of dinosaur is it?

What Kind of Dinosaur is Coming to Dinner?

Why did Stegosaurus have big, flashy plates?

Stegosaurus Plate Debate

Not really about dinosaurs per sé, but... Forget about myths like Bigfoot and Cadborosaurus. There are cooler, real creatures waiting to be found.

Why Are Bigfoot Rumours So Persistent?

Over in Scientific American, Darren Naish junks the sauropod trunk hypothesis.

Junk in the Trunk: Why Sauropod Dinosaurs did not Possess Trunks

Back in the Dinosaur Alphabet entries, Brian Switek presents a very large entry for the letter "G".

G is for Gigantspinosaurus

A new fossil reveals hangingfly that might have hid among Jurassic forest's gingko trees.

Scientists Reveal Jurassic Forests' Hidden Hangingfly

Genyodectes was the first non-avian theropod found in South America, but what kind of theropod was it?

What is Genyodectes?

The wings of feathery dinosaurs Anchiornis and Archaeopteryx represent evolutionary flight experiments.

Feathers Fuel Dinosaur Flight Debate

Modern rhinos are big mammals, but their cousin Paraceratherium makes them look puny.

A Tale of Two Scales

Why did plant-munching theropods, like the ridiculously weird Therizinosaurus, get so big?

Why Did Plant-Munching Theropods Get So Big?

Geologists debate the age of the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon Controversy

New info about the Permian trackways in P.E.I. from Kirstin Brink at the ROM.

Permian Trackways of P.E.I.

How did a bear dog and two sabrecats manage to co-exist?

How Did Sabrecats and a Bear Dog Manage to Co-exist?

Black market fossil crackdown continues - U.S. customs officials seize Tarbosaurus skull from Wyoming home

Dinosaur Skull Seized in Wyoming Home

Continuing the Dinosaur Alphabet series, Brian Switek gives us the letter "H".

H is for Hagryphus

A fossil find pushes dawn of dinosaurs back 15 million years earlier than previously thought.

Earliest Known Dino Relative Found

Nyasasaurus is a cool discovery, especially since it meshes with other fossils that indicate older dinosaur origins.

Oldest Dinosaur Discovered in Recent Fossil Find
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