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Exhausted One is Home From Work

Just walked into the house about 5 minutes ago.

I am drained, exhausted, tired to the bone, am having beaucoup lower back pain from chronic complaint, am having intestinal woes and the like, taking flack from my boss still, but I am home for the day.

I plan to go to the hospital to visit my mother (who, according to my sister, is quite chipper) around 5:00 pm, stopping on the way to get a Subway sandwich for supper (hospital food is just not good, but isn't that always the case?), but first I'm going to take some down time for me for the next half-hour to forty-five minutes.

Hope everyone is having or had a good day.

Later, maybe. :)
Tags: back pain, boss, family, food hut, health hut, hospital, mother, personal, sister, stomach upset, subway, work

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