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Hospital Stuff, and A Rough Night

Came home from work, as noted in the previous journal entry, and spross dropped by with some Primeval RPG stuff for me. (I've been working on some dinosaur write-ups and game stats, for some dinos and prehistoric creatures that I'm intrigued in, as well as some of the new dinosaurs and creatures introduced in the first six episodes of Primeval: New World.) spross and I left the house at the same time, me heading for the hospital, and him going home.

I stopped off at at one of the Subway places to pick up supper for myself, since I wasn't about to eat at the hospital cafeteria again that night, and then high tailed it over to the Ottawa General. I managed to park the car in the garage parking lot, rather than the outdoor lot, but had a devil of a time finding my way from the parking garage to the main hospital, though once there, it was easy enough to find mom's hospital room. I was surprised to find my mother looking so chipper, the colour back in her face, and she was alert and bossing the nurses around in her usual manner. :) I shouldn't have been, as she's got a remarkable constitution, but she's still going to be in the hospital for at least five more days. I had a lovely visit with her for about four hours, and we sat and talked about stuff, I brought her the newspaper, and I read to her a bit from a book on dinosaur fossils and evolution that I'm currently reading. I left the hospital when she told me that she was ready to get some sleep, and the on-duty nurse came in to give her her pre-sleep time meds, including some Tylenol (since she's still on the pain pump). Naturally, I got lost trying to find the car again, and spent thirty-five minutes walking through the garage looking for my car.

I finally made it back to my house, exhausted and cold, around 11:15 pm. I made a cup of tea for myself, and had a bit of a snack consisting of a cream cheese sandwich and half a red apple. Went to bed, and started having abdominal cramps again. It was very early in the morning, and so I called California and spoke to my friend Marlyn, and we had a good chat. And then went to bed again.

I got woken up at 4:00 am by the worst case of acid reflux I've had in some time, the burning sensation going all the way up into my mouth, and I was coughing somewhat. My bowels were churning away. I took four spoons of Gaviscon, and the burning sensation in my throat didn't ease up at all, much to my upset and surprise. Then I ended up on the toilet with a massive case of diarrhea, burning acidic, dark diarrhea. Not very comfortable, and I was raspy with my voice because of the burning at the back of my throat. I panicked, and called my sister at the Southway Inn, and she suggested taking another spoon of Gaviscon and seeing how I felt after that. I did, and the throat burning did not ease, so I took an ice cube and that seemed to help somewhat. I crawled back into bed, and tried to sleep again.

The wake-up alarm went off some 20 minutes later, and I groggily got out of bed. I felt a little bit better, but immediately dashed into the bathroom and had some more diarrhea.

In any event, I'm now sitting here at work in the office, and feel quite exhausted and drained, somewhat dehydrated (from all the bowel movements), but otherwise all right. I have no idea what triggered last night's bout of stomach and bowel illness and the acid reflux. In the meantime, just got to get on with work here. The only consolation I have is that I'm going to be gaming some Primeval RPG tonight on the Friday gaming group.
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