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Heading Out for the Evening

Had a good bit of rest, and managed to do a bit of reading as well, so that's good.

I feel somewhat better at the moment, no doubt due to the nap, and while it's somewhat cold and wet outside (contributing to the all the aches and pains and making the back pain feel worse) I've decided to go out to the West end tonight and run some Primeval RPG goodness.

I don't think I'll run the game session past midnight tonight, but we'll see how I feel about it as the evening goes on. It's just a matter of how tired I'll be by the time we reach 11 pm or so, and see if I've got any more steam (since I'll still have the drive back out to the East end to consider).

Anyway, time to get out of the house and head for Kathy's place. Hope everyone has a good evening, and I'll chat with folks again on the other side of dinosaurs. :)
Tags: back pain, cold, friday gaming group, gaming, nap, personal, primeval rpg, rest, rpg hut, time, weather

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