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Friday Night's Gaming Session

Spent a good evening with the Friday night gaming group.

I travelled out to the West end of Ottawa, and was going to do supper with the gamers. They decided to order out pizza, rather than have Kathy do the cooking, so we ordered from Gabriel Pizza. I convinced them to order a low crust, mushroom, chicken, and pineapple pizza for me, and I made salad for everyone at Kathy's place while we waited for the pizza. The pizza was pretty good, though I hadn't wanted to eat pizza, to be honest, given how my bowels have been feeling the last few days. Still, I soldiered through. Besides, it was the first hot meal I've had for supper since Tuesday night, so that was good.

After supper, we cleaned up the table and area where we game, and started the session for the night. I ran the Primeval RPG on the players again this night, and the game session went rather well. The players had a good time, and Kathy commented at the end of the session that this was most relaxed she's seen me since at least three months of gaming. I guess it's amazing what exercising one's dinosaurs can do for the spirit and the soul! :) I will definitely post a report on the game session, but it will take some time as I have a few Primeval RPG game sessions to post up here on the blog.

I stopped the game session around 11:45 pm, as I was just too exhausted. And I still had to drive back to the house. Still, it was a fun game session, and I think most of the Friday night crew was glad to break up somewhat early.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to Sunday's game session, next Friday night's game as well. :)
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