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Catching Up on the Day

Just came back from the hospital.

Some highlights from the day. First off, I spent part of the morning doing some work on the Primeval RPG gaming stuff, notably a new beastie, and then discovered late in the morning that I had no idea what had happened in the last game session that I had run on the Sunday group, as my notes had not been fully typed up. Let alone entered. This was going to make things problematic, since I was going to spend the evening in the hospital after shopping with spross for some stuff.

spross showed up very late, as he'd stopped off at Canadian Tire (something I had wanted him to do with me, since I need a pair of winter wipers for the car), and then we dashed off to do some grocery shopping, as there were a few things that I was missing for the house. This took a bit longer than I thought, and I didn't get to Canadian Tire at all. Once spross dropped me off, I quickly changed clothes and dashed off for the hospital to see mom.

At the Ottawa General, I met my sister leaving and we talked for a bit. I barely made it to the cafeteria in time for supper, as they closed at 7:00 pm, and was able to get the dregs - a cold chicken burger (with mayo - ICKK!), some salad, and cold fries. Not a great supper, and I hope that I don't pay for this tomorrow.

I spent some four hours visiting mom, and had a pleasant enough visit. I read to her some more from the book on dinosaur fossils and evolution that I'm currently reading, and she enjoying the section about the Gobi desert fossils. I left around 10:00 pm, when the night nurse came in to give her the medication for the night, and managed to find my car no problems.

I got home around 10:30 pm or so, and am planning to do a bit of work on the Primeval RPG game session material for tomorrow. So, here I am on the computer and getting ready to do a bit of work.
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