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A Long Day

Just got back from the hospital. Gee, this sounds like the start of yesterday night's post. *sigh*

I did some work on the Primeval RPG that I wanted to do, but didn't get to bed until just after 1:55 pm. Just overtired, and stressed, not leading to a lot of sleep.

Got woken up around 5:45 am by the hospital calling. Mom had a bad night, and she was asking for me. I got dressed as quick as I could, and headed over for the hospital, taking a taxi since I wasn't all that awake. She had passed a bit of gas, but was having distress down below. I managed to calm her down somewhat, but stuck around to see how things went. The surgeon did her rounds, and decided that they needed to put a tube down into her bowels to absorb some of the liquid and gas, and they did. Mom was not comfortable. I almost cancelled today's game of the Primeval RPG, but left the hospital finally, as mom was asleep, around 10:45 am, and my sister was coming in to be with her around noon. Got home, and just finished showering.

I need the distraction of gaming today, so the Primeval RPG will serve that purpose quite nicely. I hope.

Gods, but I'm tired.
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