John Kahane (jkahane) wrote,
John Kahane

From the Hospital

I'm sitting in the hospital, in a chair looking at mom sleeping in her bed.  The nurse has given her something for the pain so she tends to nap and drop off from time to time.

My sister is here as well at the moment.  She's got the prime reading spot at the moment with her Kindle Fire, and there's not light for me to read by.  (And don't everyone start extolling to me the virtues of buying a Kobo or other e-reader.   I really do prefer books.)

Despite working at home today, I'm just very tired, very sore, and downright achy.

In good news, the doctor came in to see mom just after I arrived at 3:00, and told her that her progress is good, and it's possible she might be released to the convalescent care home on Thursday or Friday.  This is good news, although Diana says she may have to go home in Thursday.  She's got to get back to her job on Monday, and needs to get back to her life.

In any event, the news on mom's condition is good, and that's all that counts.

Tags: family, health hut, hospital, life, mother, personal

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