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Off to the Hospital (For Me This Time)

I managed to sleep in a little bit, and woke around 6:30 am.

I've got to be at the Ottawa General for a CT scan this morning for 9:30 am, but because there's some sort of injected substance involved, I need to be there around 8:00 am. I've finished showering and have had breakfast this morning, and I'm just getting ready to head over to the hospital.

The plan is that I will grab lunch while I'm at the hospital after the tests are done with, and then I'll spend the afternoon (or a large part of it, anyways) with my mother before coming home for supper.

Another one of these long days shaping up, but with luck I'll be able to get to sleep relatively early tonight. There's laundry and stuff that I need to take care of at home, and this evening seems like a good time to try and get some of it done.

Anyway, I'm off to the hospital now.
Tags: ct scan, health hut, hospital, life, mom, personal, tests

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