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Home, Sweet Home

I am finally home from the Ottawa General hospital.

I arrived at the hospital for my CT around 7:30 am, having to deal with traffic making it cause me to arrive early. Better early than late, right? Got taken in around ten past eight, and being drugged up. I don't remember much from that point until around 11:20 am or so, other than:

1. My back hurt like nobody's business (I assume from lying down, but possibly from being shifted and stuff).
2. My throat and mouth being very, very, very dry.
3. I have vague memories of a full body scan from the neck down, and then them doing a second scan from the neck to the middle of my chest or thereabouts.
4. Floating or something like it.

The nurse and the technician explained to me the reasons for the drug use when I regained full consciousness, though I'm not going into the reasons here. Suffice it to say, I was a little bit concerned but was somewhat dopey about things. When I finally recovered properly, I went up to mom's room and saw how she was doing.

She told me that she'd eaten a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, with some apple juice, and horrible Sanka instant coffee. I sat with her for a bit, waiting for my stomach to stop doing flip-flops, and then went down and had a Swiss and Ham panini sandwich with a small salad and a bottle of water for lunch before returning upstairs to see mom again. She was just finishing her lunch for the day - consisting of tomato soup, a roll, and some horrible, hospital variety of Shepherd's Pie. At least she's eating.

Had a good visit with her, and my sister arrived as she wanted to go over some of the paperwork about the transfer to the convalescent/retirement home. While Diana went down to take care of extending the parking passes (or so I thought), spross's mom showed up to visit, and she and mom had a jolly good talk about a variety of stuff. They were interrupted when the surgeon and her retinue came in on rounds to see how mom was doing, and I learned that depending on how she passed the night, mom might be released to the retirement home for recovery as early as tomorrow, but this is doubtful now due to some other stuff that happened. Diana came back and talked to the surgeon while I hung out in the hallway with SteveR's mom for a bit, and then went back in. After she left, I found out that Diana had only renewed one of the parking passes, so I won't be going to see mom tomorrow it seems. (Not a lot of money at the moment to lay down for parking the car.) She had gotten me a paper parking ticket/pass that she said would get me out of the parking lot just fine. I took mom for a nice walk around and along the wing, and then after putting her back in the bed, decided that I wanted to go home. Long day at the hospital.

Needless to say, I got somewhat lost again trying to find the car, though managed it in about ten minutes. Just took the wrong elevator in the parking garage. And of course once I got out of the parking lot, it wouldn't take the ticket that Diana had picked up. I almost started to panic, as there was a line of cars behind me so I couldn't even more the vehicle if I'd wanted to, but a kind woman behind me allowed me to use her all-day pass to get me past the ticket booth and out.

Got home about ten minutes ago, and am exhausted. I also need to figure out what to do about this evening's supper meal. But I just want to lie down in bed with an ice pack and relax for an hour or two. Maybe even sleep.


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