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Best Laid Plans...

...often unravel, as the old expression goes.

I planned to spend the evening at home and have a bit of a rest, but such was not to be.

My sister called from the hospital around 3:00 pm, and told me that she was going to take me out to dinner again, and asked what I'd like. While she wanted shwarma, I've done that already this week, and so we settled on Chinese food. We went over to Brother Wu, a good Chinese restaurant out on St. Laurent, and had a decent meal. We had a tureen of mustard greens soup, some Gow Tien (pot stickers), Moo Shee Chicken, and Sizzling Beef. Good food.

Then Diana dropped the bombshell. Mom's suffered a setback in her recovery from the surgery, she's got an infection. So instead of going back home, she went back to the hotel to start packing for her trip home today, while I went back to the hospital (as she gave me the parking card which is good for another week).

Mom looks to be in rough shape, but she was somewhat chipper about the whole thing. They've started to give her an antibiotic (though she hadn't had the first dose of it while I was at the hospital with her), but her hospital departure has been delayed until she's over the infection, and needless to say the convalescent care/retirement home won't be taking her in until she's got a signed certificate saying she's infection-free.

I stayed with her at the hospital until a little bit after 10:00 pm, and then when she woke up again for a bit, headed for home. I got back to the house around 11:00 pm or so, and just sat back on the couch with an ice pack for a bit, before finally caving in, having a cup of hot tea, and going to bed.

Today I've got a Foot Clinic care appointment followed by another trip to the hospital, but this time for me. I'm having some blood taken, and then getting some more tests done. I don't know whether I'll go and see mom again today or not. Depends on how she's doing.

Either way, it does not promise to be a fun day.
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