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A 13th to Forget

Today has been one of those 13th of Decembers that I really just want to forget.

Work went as well as work goes this morning, though the boss is still in a snit over my missing work (and today was no exception due to the footcare and other doctor appointment that I had).

The foot care appointment went as well as could be expected. With one minor mishap. My two pinkie toes have very hard nails, and worse, the nerves and blood vessels in those toes are very close to the surface. Usually, the problem lies with the left pinkie, but today was the exception. The foot practitioner today cut too close to the tissue on my right pinkie - the one on my driving foot! - and I was bleeding and had a lot of pain. The bleeding has stopped (hopefully, I've not looked at the toe under the band-aid), but the pain in the toe is pretty nasty. That did not make the rest of the day's driving all that enjoyable at all, and I was limping a bit by the time I got home.

I stopped off for lunch at Subway, and had one of their sandwiches (toasted turkey), a bowl of soup, and a bottle of water. From there, it was on to the bank to pay a couple of bills and check out my accounts' statuses. Then it was off to the second appointment of the day at the Ottawa General Hospital, as I was having a check-up on the prostate. For now, the news is good, but still waiting on the results of the blood test that he had me take today.

After leaving the hospital, I went and picked up a few grocery necessities, and some deli meat to make sandwiches for lunches and snacks, as well as some ham for my morning omelets. By the time I got home, I could barely walk, and that was about an hour ago or so. Put my foot up, placed an ice pack on my back, and have just been lying back watching some Doctor Who on DVD, "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy".

Probably time to make some supper, methinks.
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