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Of Saturday Stuff

Had an exhausting afternoon, as spross showed up at my place, and we went out and did some grocery shopping for basic stuff, and things that I was missing at the house.

I went and paid the WIND Mobile phone bill, and I have to say that given the sheer number of minutes I racked up both locally and internationally in my first month, I'm glad I went with WIND and took the plan that I did. (There were no charges beyond the basic bill and tax for any of the calls, texting, photo sending and stuff that I did this month.)

From there, went to Farm Boy, Metro, and Loblaws to do a bit of shopping, and then stopped off at mom's place to check the snail mail, make sure the apartment was okay, and check the phone messages. (Oh, and snitch a bit of the Jewish home cooking from the extra freezer!) :)

By the time I got home, it was a little bit after 6:00 pm, and I was exhausted from it all. spross was pretty tired, too, so he took off for home and I dealt with cleaning vegetables and prepping them for the fridge as well as some of the fruit that I'd bought. Then it was close to 7:00 pm. I was going to make a simple supper for myself, but Crystal (Ellie's godmother, and a good friend of mine) showed up with a pizza for supper!

It was a pleasant, and welcome, surprise, and we spent a convivial evening eating pizza and watching The Hunger Games (movie) on DVD. Yes, this just shows how behind on my DVD viewing I am. :) The film is an all-right movie, but I prefer the book as it's more the story of Katniss Everdeen in some ways and her journey. It was a nice way to spend the evening, and then Crystal stayed over the night.

I made a pair of omelettes for breakfast this morning for us, and Crystal took off as she had to be at a community event at 11:00 am. She promised she'd give me a call this evening, so I'm looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I need to do a few things around the house and get ready to run this afternoon's game of the Primeval RPG on the Sunday group. It's been snowing on and off this morning, and the forecast calls for around 10 cms (4 inches) of snow today, with nastier weather on the way tomorrow.

For now though, one step at a time.
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