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Sunday Gaming and Food

I wasn't sure whether the Sunday gaming group would be able to play today, given the weather. The forecast was for some snow, but the freezing rain would prove to be more difficult to overcome. However, both Tammy and spross were able to come in for the game, and Douglas was able to make it out as well, so all was good.

This afternoon's game of Primeval RPG on the Sunday gaming group went quite well, and the plot developed as well as the actual scenario itself. The players got a few surprises, and they surprised me a couple of times as well. Overall, I had a good time running the game, and accomplished what I set out to do for this game session. Given all that's going on with mom right now (more on that in a separate post when I have a chance), running Primeval RPG has allowed me to relax while gaming again, get some emotional baggage out of my system, and just have fun again with the writing/creating of scenarios and the like.

After the game, we were scheduled to go out to eat Thai food, and by the time six o'clock rolled around (and we'd finished updating the notes) everyone was hungry. The weather turned out to be not so bad, though it was slippery and a bit treacherous in places. spross did the driving, so Tammy, Doug, and I piled in the car with him, and we went out and ate Thai at Sweet Basil. I enjoyed the meal that I ate there with Diana when I went, and this time out was no different. Very good food, that I washed down with some iced tea (it makes a refreshing drink when one has a spicy, tingling tongue after eating). Good company, good food. spross then drove back to my place and dropped me off at the house and Tammy, so she could get her car.

I plan on cleaning up the place a touch, folding another load of laundry, and then will crawl into bed with a heating pad and a good book. At least, that's the plan. :)
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