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The Day It's Been

Today has been a busy, crazy day.

Work was a relatively quiet day, except for the occasional freak-out on the part of my boss. The drive to work was not fun. The weather did not help with this at all, with rain mixed in with freezing rain at times and snow.

I went from work to do some banking stuff, and then took some reading material and a bit of her snail mail to mom at the hospital. Because she's still in a form of isolation with the infection (though she can have visitors, as long as they wear a gown and gloves, and can go for walks as long as other people open doors for her and so forth), I couldn't touch her or hug her, and her spirits are quite down. She was happy to see me, and we had a pleasant enough time of it. Hopefully she'll know more tomorrow about what's happening and when she'll be able to get out of the hospital and into the retirement home for some recuperation.

I had to clean the car off again when I left the hospital, as I couldn't find a good place to park in the garage, other than a spot that was just outside the overhang on the third level, so by the time I finished, my back was killing me. The drive home in the snow and slush was not pleasant, because people don't seem to know how to drive in this weather. Annoying.

Came in around 5:25, and have just had a cup of hot tea and some celery with peanut butter. On top of that, my back is now killing me from all the car cleaning I've had to do today. This is not helping my bulging disc, not at all.

Need to start thinking of what to do for supper soon...
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