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Thursday Morning Stuff

Thursday morning. Another day, another dollar. The calm before the storm, if you believe the weather forecast and the weather systems that are about to dump stuff on Ottawa for the next few days.

I came in to work this morning, though I'll be leaving the office around 12:15 pm or so, as I have another doctor appointment today, with the prostate specialist. The boss is somewhat annoyed at me about this, of course, but he understands the need for this appointment (as only men can), so it's not too bad, and I've been maximising my work stuff while I've been at the office this week.

In the meantime, I spoke to mom this morning, and the news is good, sort of. She's passed her tests with flying colours, there's no sign of infection. She's being kicked out by noon today from the hospital, and will be taking up residence at Windsor Park Manor, a retirement home that also serves as a convalescent home for those who need to recover from surgery. Unfortunately, I can't be there to help her pack and make sure she's got all the medications and instructions from the doctors and nurses and stuff. And with the doctor appointment and all, well...

Still, it's good news that she's recovered from the infection and enough from the surgery to be able to get out of the hospital. With a bit of weather luck this weekend, I'll be able to visit her.

In the meantime, back to work.
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