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Thursday Recap of the Afternoon

Today has been a very long day.

Work was fine today for the most part, though the boss was taking snit fits the whole time I was working this morning. Some days he feels he has to crack the whip, other days he doesn't. Just annoying that today was one of them. Left work early, for reasons noted earlier.

As mentioned in an earlier post today, I had a doctor's appointment (at the hospital) with the prostate specialist to go over some of the tests that I had done the last week or two (heck, I don't even remember if I talked about that here on the blog!). The news is good for the most part, though there's some enlargement, but he mentioned that I won't need more tests for it again until mid-2013, and at that time we'll probably do another CT scan and a work-up.

Got home from the doctor appointment, and my back was *killing* me so badly that I took two pills and an ice pack and lay down on my bed. Next thing I knew, spross had arrived at the house, though I was merely dozing and napping. We went out to do some shopping so that I didn't run out of veggie essentials before the storm hits, and we stopped off first at my mom's place so I could grab the snail mail for her, and then went for a quick visit to Windsor Park Manor. The facility looks very nice, very posh and swank, and she seems to be quite happy there. Hopefully, I'll get to spend some time with her there this weekend, as the weather is expected to be quite... bad.

From there, spross and I dashed over to Giant Tiger and then Farm Boy for a bit of grocery shopping, and I picked up some chicken parmesan and a couple of other things for tonight's meal as I just can't bring myself to cook. Too sore, too tired, and too brain dead. He dropped me off at the house, and I've been lying down for twenty minutes or so. Time to get upstairs and start the process for evening supper. Gotta make a salad and cut up some fresh green beans for the meal tonight.

Later, all.
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