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Stupid, Stupid JohnK

Made a huge mistake this afternoon.

I finished work from home around 2:15 pm, and decided that I needed to partially clean off the car from the snow build-up that's on as the Ottawa snowstorm of the weekend continues on. There was over a foot of sticky, wet snow on the car, but I managed to scrape most of it off. The problem is that I shouldn't be doing stuff like this with my bulging disc and painful back. I felt something go "snap!" in my lower back, on the left side, and the next thing I knew, I was down in the snow as my legs gave out under me. The pain gradually subsided, but it's still pretty intense even now, and I was smart enough to hobble up the stairs and into the house.

I'm lying flat on my stomach on the bed, the laptop ahead of me and an ice pack on my lower back, and a cup of hot tea on the night stand. I think I'll be staying here for the next little while, as I've taken some Robaxacet and an extra-strength Tylenol. Hopefully, I haven't done myself some additional, serious damage.
Tags: back pain, bulging disc, car, health hut, personal, snow, storm, winter

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